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Holly Stott - 

Manchester Girl (UK) – Lover of Life – Mum of two boys and my dog Honey.

Owner of The Holly Stott Cosmetology Clinic & Beauty School based in my hometown of Middleton.

Partner in the International Beauty Association.

Creator of SkinstinctUK Natural Skincare Range & Professional Beauty Tools & Equipment

Just Pruvit Promotor – Life Blogger with Holly’s Mood


After having my last child in 2015 I have suffered with my weight; In 2018 my family fell apart and I moved back to my hometown of Middleton after 8 years of living in Salford; whilst this was going on I was also building my Beauty Businesses.  As you can imagine the stress of everything was causing me to comfort eat and drink more; I felt like I was using it as a tool to destress.


Then…lockdown happened, and I genuinely think this made me feel worse; I really let myself go; drinking more and I could feel the weight piling on.  I kept seeing the Keto Nat OS Drinks and seeing the results they were offering so I had to try them.


As you can see from the results on this page; my ten day challenge has been a massive success losing a huge 17lbs in the first ten days.  I have been documenting what I have been doing on my Instagram @hollys_mood_84 so make sure you pop over to see.


You can either become a customer through the link below and order a monthly subscription of KetoNatOS Drinks to get a (22%) £29.51 discount and could earn some FREE products by referring two new SmartShip Customers.


You can also sign up as a Promotor and order one of the Promotors Packs…


It’s like getting three for the price of two and its up to you what you do with your packs; keep some for yourself and split the rest of the pack up and sell to people interested to earn your money back.


There are many benefits of becoming a Promotor but here are a few I’ve put together…

  • Paid Weekly & Monthly

  • 14, 30 day and 120 day Cash Bonus Scheme

  • Amazing & Realistic Comp Plan

  • Placement Lounge – where you get to choose how to build your team and your business

  • Go Fast Bonus which is paid weekly where you can earn upto an extra 20% on all commissionable orders with in 30 days of new personally enrolled promotors.

  • MVP Bonus – pays a cash bonus for mentoring your new team.

  • Retailer Bonus - 40%-50% on orders placed by your own personally enrolled customers paid Monthly.

  • Endorsement Bonus – by referring two customers every month onto the Smartship you get a FREE Product.

  • Car Bonus – Maintain Level 6 for two consecutive calender months and you receive £648 towards the monthly lease or purchase of a luxury car.

  • Residual Commission – 1%-5% of BV (Bonus Value) upto Level 11.

  • Champion Bonus – 1%-5% of BV (Bonus Value) upto Level 14.

  • 10% Residual Match Bonus where you earn 10% of your teams income on the first three levels.


Want to know more…Click the link and get started (turn your wifi off if it doesn't come up straight away.

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