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Welcome...yes it's back...but with a healthy twist!!!

As you know I used to be a chef and a good home cook; I used to love baking for others but it was so time consuming with the kids round my feet.

I've never been able to let my passion for food go and as I am losing weight this year, by eating healthy, exercising; and with the help of my new Healthy Shopping Club, I have started this new sister website to

This blog is going to be dedicated to recipes which I create myself, recipes I try from other cook books and my opinion of them and also my restaurant reviews.  Most of the recipes will be healthy & tasty. I may throw the odd cheat meal in there but i'll also be blogging about the Healthy Shopping Club which I'm apart of and my new veg patches that I'm making for me and the boys!

As you know, me and Callum love to try new places to eat and I love to write about them so I'll be giving my opinion on where I've been dining and what my opinion is of the food, drinks, layout, ambience, experience, service; and we may take the kids too so I can let you know if they are child friendly too.

The blog will be divided into categories as above.

I hope I can help you all out with some fab recipes and places to go for a good Manc Scran!

For now my Beaute's



When chopping herbs, throw a little salt on the board with them and it will stop them flying around.



When you are going to sauté garlic, slice it rather than mince it as it is less likely to burn.



Always store dried herbs and spices in a cool dry place, not above the cooker top as humidity, light and heat will cause them to lose their flavour.


Recipes are not bible (apart from Baking); be comfortable replacing ingredients with ones you like; so if you like oregano instead of thyme, add oregano!!!

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